Baby Photography Tips

Documenting a child’s stages, growth and development has become even more popular through baby photography. Once just the domain of the well off, or taken only every few years for very special occasions, many households are now opting to have their children’s portraits taken professionally on a much more frequent basis.

More and more people are realizing that baby and toddler photos are invaluable for sentimental reasons and to also document the rapid growth of the child. The child will grow up, but the photos will last forever.

More and more fields are opening up in baby portraiture. Many couples are starting their child’s portraiture portfolio before they have even been born. The demand for tasteful pregnant couple shots, and the baby belly are on the increase. Do a great job with these couples and you will be definitely getting called back to document the baby’s milestones.

Professional photographers capture everything from everyday naughtiness to the total innocence of a newborn child ” the rewards are there. No matter how frustrating working children may be. But, you do need the right equipment ” a good DSLR, flash equipment, and a tripod ” to start with. Because without the right equipment you don’t have a hope of coming across as a professional photographer let alone be capable of producing the results clients expect.

However to create those fantastic photos you will need to have the correct equipment. At the very least, a quality DSLR, tripod, flash, and shutter release. Without these, you will have a remote chance of snapping the level of shots the client is expecting, and it will be difficult for the parents to take you seriously if you do not present with the expected photographic equipment.

Photographing children can be extremely rewarding, but also requires plenty of patience and extremely fast reflexes. If you do not care for children at all, and are of the impatient variety, perhaps you should seek a different avenue of photography. Parents will be very quick to pick up on the fact that you are not even remotely interested in their little darling.

If you are wanting to do anything with the photos you have taken, besides sell them to the parents you will need to have the parents sign releases. No parent wants to see their child on the back of the bus if thy didn’t give their permission.

Baby photography is a competitive arena. However, only the most original shots are going to be used. If you are wanting to use the client’s photos for commercial purposes you must have them sign a release form prior to displaying or submitting the photos for any other purpose. Baby photography is a commercially rewarding avenue, but to be successful the photographer must be skillful, patient, creative and knowledgeable.

4 Important Newborn Baby Photography Tips Photographers Must Bear In Mind For Stunning Baby Photos

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #1 – Location Preparation

Keep the location setting simple. It is very much advisable that you use props that are meaningful to you. For instance, your wedding ring, a wedding veil, and a gift you made for your partner during your wedding anniversary.

Do not forget that your main subject is your newborn baby. Hence, we use props very subtly do avoid distraction.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #2 – Reveal The Newborn’s Size

Babies are perfect, yet very small in size.

It is great if you can shoot pictures of your child that reveals his/ her size. Create contrast for this.

For instance, you can photograph the baby cradling on his/ her father’s hand. You can also place the child next to an object so that the perspective of the baby is revealed.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #3 – Baby’s Cooperation

There are 2 moments that are the best when photographing a newborn baby:

A) When The Newborn Is Relaxed and Cooperative

It is best while it is early in the morning and your baby has been fed and bathed. By then, most babies will feel relaxed and cooperative – just what you need to conduct newborn baby photography sessions.

Refrain from putting a nappy or tight clothing on your child before the shoot. This helps to avoid indentations or marks on your child’s soft skin. The child often might appear look to shiny in pictures if applied with baby oil or moisturizing cream. Therefore, do not apply the baby oil and moisturizing cream on the child before a photo shoot.

B) When The Newborn Is Sound Asleep

Another great time to photograph babies is when they are sleeping soundly. Newborn babies in this situation are easy to mould and pose. Feed him/ her well and snuggle the child until he/ she gets comfortable.

Check if the baby is sound asleep by gently picking up the baby’s arm and then gently letting it drop. If the child jerks, you will know that child is not soundly asleep.

Hence, the photo session will not be as efficient. However, if the baby’s arm falls readily, it is time for you to conduct your newborn baby photo shoot.

Newborn Baby Photography Tips #4 – Print The Photos Regularly

It is of utmost importance that you regularly print the photos of your newborn baby. Now that we live in the digital world, we tend to forget to print these valuable photographs. When we notice it, these photos will be lost in cyberspace.

I use the Canon SELPHY CP790 printer to print out different sized photos to create scrapbooks and print photos to be put into photo frames that are placed in my bedroom and living room. I also print small sized photos of my loved ones that fit perfectly into my wallet. The Canon SELPHY CP790 prints photographs quickly yet quietly.

Baby Photography – Getting the Best Looks From Your Little One

Baby photography gives you a way to get photographs of your baby looking its best. While your baby is always cute and probably even beautiful, getting a photograph or two of them are the professionally can make them seem even cuter. Not only that, but you can look back in a few years and smile knowing that you got a high quality photo of your child while they were still so small.

Nothing can replace the photographs that you take of your little one at home on your own. There are so many precious moments throughout a child’s development, and you likely want to get each and every one of them immortalized in photographs. These types of photographs are always the best to have, as they can bring up memories years down the line that you had totally forgotten about. Not to mention the fact that you can show off those photos to the child once they’re older as well.

Baby photography covers something different from that. While getting photographs of individual memories and events that will probably never happen again is something that everyone likes to do and can solidify your bond with your child, having a professional photograph taken of them are while they are still a baby is something every parent should have done. These photographs make your baby the absolute focus of attention. They also accentuate all of the cute features of your baby’s face. Children develop quickly, and babies develop even faster. It’s important to get a photograph of them when they’re young so you never forget what they look like.

You find the photographer who specializes in baby photography, or you can go to a family photographer to get the picture. The way you choose is up to you, and of the photographers were charge different amounts. There’s no way to really tell whether a specialized baby photographer or family photographer will cost more. Check prices around, and get suggestions from other mothers as you know to find reputable photographers in your area. This way you can be sure that you will get quality pictures at prices that won’t make you cringe.

It’s important not to underestimate the power that these types of photographs can have on you. While they may seem inconsequential now, 20 years down the line you’re going to wish that you had gotten more pictures of your baby, and even professionally done photographs of your baby well. Every moment of a baby’s life is precious, and in a few years down the line they look completely different. Baby photography is very real industry, for very good reason: because memories don’t last forever, but photographs can last as long as you want them to.