Professional Baby Photography, Why Bother?

I am a pro photographer, I take portraits of babies on a daily basis, and often explain the importance of having some professional baby photography.

When my daughter was born I suddenly became aware of a common problem, was it just me or was I the only apparent lazy father in the world! There I was taking loads of pictures on my compact digital and on my iPhone, pleased with myself with a mass catalogue of Daisy’s precious first few weeks. I would often sit down and look through the files on the camera and phone, seeing how much she had changed. It was only a few weeks later that I became public enemy number one in the household. One day as I was again browsing through the images, my lovely wife mentioned in passing, “it’s about time we had some of those printed for the album”, I just nodded or made a noise to what she had said. I sat and thought about this for a few seconds and thought to myself, I must choose the best ones to print off as it will of course be cheaper and why do we need all the funny looking ones! This is when it all started…

The general banter went on for a few more weeks, about when I was going to get the images printed, when we were going to sit down and choose the ones we wanted, you get the general idea. A year passed I kid you not, till one day I walked into the photography processing shop and handed the assistant the memory card. I was asked if I wanted to select which ones I wanted printed, I shouted “all of them, just print the lot!” A couple of days past and off I went to collect the images, I got home, we poured a glass of wine and looked through the photographs together, not on a computer, iphone or digital camera just the old fashioned way and it was brilliant funny ones and all!

So enough ranting from me, but here is a little advice. If someone suggests to you to have some professional baby photographs taken, do it, do not hesitate just pay for the experience and in a few weeks time you will have some stunning images of your baby that will last forever, you will be happy, your family will be happy, the whole world will be happy!

For more information about booking some baby portrait photography, with tips on booking your first shoot.

Tips for Getting Great Results in Baby Photography

Babies grow so fast that it sometimes seems like it happens overnight. Because of this, getting great photos of babies while they are still small is imperative. Baby photography provides parents with keepsakes that allow them to enjoy their little bundle of joy long after he or she has grown. There are a number of tips you can follow that will ensure that baby photos are not only beautiful but also unique.

Babies are best photographed in natural, diffused light such as that found outdoors on an overcast day. This type of soft light complements the natural softness of the baby and produces unrivaled results. If it is not possible to take photos outdoors, try taking them near a window, using reflectors instead of flash.

During the photo shoot, make sure the baby has several changes of clothing. This allows for coordination of a variety of backdrops and props and will provide a better range of photos. Since babies are notorious for rapid mood swings and can get tired easily, make sure you have everything ready for a baby photography session ahead of time. Have a list of possible poses and ideas as well as potential props at hand for easy access. Remember that very young babies will need support for sitting poses. Items such as a bench with flowers on it will work very well.

When thinking of ideas for baby photos, look beyond the obvious. Try unique ideas such as having the baby to interact with nature. A photo of a baby showing surprise at the sight of a frog or holding a ladybug will show much more personality than a standard posed shot. During the baby photography session, try to capture a variety of facial expressions such as surprise, happiness, or interest. Even a crying baby can provide the opportunity for unique, original keepsakes such as that of a parent comforting the crying baby. Also consider taking close-up photos of hands, feet, and other body parts for special shots.

Bringing a child into the world is a beautiful experience. Tiny feet quickly turn into pattering footsteps heard across the kitchen floor. There are only a precious few months to capture the newness of your newborn’s life.

Baby photographs are among the most cherished possessions of many parents. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that the results of your photo shoot are beautiful and interesting. These unique shots are sure to become treasured keepsakes for many years to come.

Benefits of Baby Photography Using Digital Props

Many parents want to take advantage of baby photography services but most of these services are too expensive. You might need to go to photography studios and pay hundreds of dollars to have professional looking baby photos. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem by using digital photography props. All you need to do is to find a product that can give you hundreds of baby props and background selections that you can use alongside your baby’s existing photos.

To give you some of the benefits of using these digital baby photography props, you can check out the next few paragraphs.

• Products like these are usually easy to use. You do not need to be an expert on photography or photo editing just to have great looking photos of your babies. The steps that you need to follow are simple and easy. Just find a photo of your baby that you want to edit, select a digital prop and background from the huge selection online provided by this kind of service, remove the original background of your baby’s snapshot, move the photo into the prop and background, and voila! You now have your baby’s digitally enhanced photo with fun and cute digital props.

• Like what was stated earlier, this is much cheaper than going to a photo studio or hiring a professional photographer. You will do everything by yourself. All you need to do is to buy the product and get started with your photography project. You can edit as many photos as you want after paying for the product.

• Once you have learned how to edit your baby’s photos using this software, you can turn it into a photo editing business. You can charge a small fee for edited baby pictures. You can ask your friends, coworkers, neighbors if they want their baby’s photos to be edited using digital baby props and background.

• Using digital props for your baby’s pictures will make the photos more fun and interesting. You can frame them or use them to create a scrapbook and they will look much better than the original photos.

• Everything that you need to know about editing baby photos such as photography tips, using the right props and background, and learning about the steps are included in the package. You are only paying for the digital baby props but you can get a lot of extras for free.