Taking the Fear Out of Newborn Baby Photography

Nothing brings more emotion to a parent than to see their child captured in a quality portrait. If you are either a baby photographer now or want to be, you will see your share of different types of personalities of babies coming before your camera. You will see “mild and wild” children and everything in between. We all know that knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have in your “toolbox” before you start a photo session of a child (at any age), the better off you are.

In this article, I want to talk specifically about the first stage of growth – the newborn stage. This is between 0 months and 3 months of age. Parents will call you literally from their hospital room just after the birth of their child to secure a spot on your schedule so they don’t miss this precious time. The pressure is on for you to give your clients the best you can. But at this newborn stage, it’s hit or miss because it’s more unpredictable than any other stage of growth. After all, the baby will control the session to a point.

Lets talk about some strategies we can use to minimize any possible problems. First, I believe a photography studio should be clutter free. A client’s first impression when they walk in your studio is the lasting impression. For instance picking inviting colors of paint for your walls. having 24×30 or larger portraits for your wall decor add impact for that wow experience. You are telling your clients you specialize in wall portraits. Having soft instrumental music playing in the background and scented candles creating that “calming” atmosphere and touch the senses. If you are dealing with first time parents, trust me they are stressed as it is. A calm mom and dad is a happy mom and dad.

The temperature of your camera room should be kept warmer than normal. A newborn baby cannot be cold or it will cry. Putting up with the warm room will be worth it. Explain to the parents why you are doing this so they already feel you are the baby expert. Get a hairdryer and put it on a low setting to make noise. This is known as “white noise” and has been proven (by my own school of hard knocks research at my studio) to keep a baby calm. It works like a charm! Then based on what the baby is doing, proceed with the photography.

If the baby is sleeping, tell the mom to carefully remove the baby from the car seat without waking the baby. The good thing about this stage is a baby likes to do two things – sleep and eat. A sleeping baby likes to “scrunch” up because that was it’s position for 9 months in the mommy’s tummy. Simple capture what is natural to the baby. Using an all white background and flooring with white bath rugs folded up so it creates a stack works well. This setup looks great in black and white photography. Lay the baby down on it’s tummy and “mold” the baby in the position you want to capture. Position the baby’s hands underneath it’s head like a pillow. Do these poses without the baby’s diaper on. Yes…the baby may pee or poop but welcome to baby photography. It’s comes with the job description.

After some variation of these nude poses, change to a darker background. Focus on the bond between mom, dad and baby. These can be very close intimate poses because showing a lot of the body of the parents doesn’t do anything for the little tiny baby. It will get lost. I do all different combinations of mommy, daddy and baby. Now let’s say the baby starts to get fussy. Stop the session. The baby is most likely hungry. Let the mom have time to feed the baby. If the mom is nursing, provide a private area for her in your studio. This is yet another way to ease the mom’s stress. It’s always better to be the baby expert with little things like this than to just be an average photographer. After the baby is fed and burped (very important) start the photography again.

Put the baby on it’s back in an antique baby scale with a diaper cover and nice looking baby blankets. Antique baby scales can be found for a reasonable price on eBay. Just make sure they are the old fashioned type (it usually has a wicker basket on top) and make sure the scale actually works. If you are handy build a wide wood platform for it so it will not tip over with a baby in it. That would not be fun. Cover the wooden platform with material so it does not show the wood. Take some photos looking down on the baby. Do this from a small step ladder. You have to work as quickly as possible to get as much from a baby at this stage as possible. Patience and expertise will come with time and practice.

Baby Photography: Cherubic Photo Frames

Big blue eyes staring out from a photo frame. The first reaction: wanting to reach out to the nearest person and squeezing their cheeks. Ever wondered how the photographer managed to capture that endearing expression on a baby’s face. Baby photography 101 is out on the Internet and some serious browsing will get one started. Cute baby photos, funny baby photos, mischievous snaps and any other emotion one can capture, photography lets one exercise their creativity to the hilt.

Getting started with photography is relatively easy. One can never go wrong with capturing photos of a cherubic baby. Babies lend themselves for a variety of shots, candid, amusing, hilarious, naughty, angelic it only remains for the photographer wanting to capture these and more. Even novices can get great baby photographs as babies make for ready subjects waiting to be framed.

Baby photography has become a profession very much in demand. Parents are willing to hire the services of a photographer to record those transitory phases. Baby photography involves being quick, always being on the lookout for that ‘special’ moment and of course keeping a camera ever-ready. As with child photography, baby photography also has its own sets of challenges like dealing with anxious parents and at times a colic baby. If there is patience and some amount of parenting skills, baby photography can be a special profession like teaching.

Child photography is interesting and one cannot complain of monotony. Babies are sure to provide an interesting portfolio of photographs. Don’t be afraid to take too many photos especially with digital cameras this makes a lot more sense. Mobile cameras also are good gadgets to indulge in baby photography as any decent mobile phone offers 5.0 megapixel and more which allows sharp crisp images. Though most people prefer color shots experiment with black and white photographs as well, you would be amazed at the result. Baby photography is all about experimentation and creativity.

Unleash the creativity by choosing plain backdrops and interesting props. Soft woolen blankets made out into a nest, fluffed cotton and feathers, soft toys, an ordinary diaper, your grandmother’s glasses these are just a few of the props that make for an interesting arrangement. Always place a soft mattress under the spot where you plan to pose the baby. Remove all sharp objects, and do not mix pets and babies together. Both are temperamental and make a bad combination.

Baby Photography – Why Hiring a Professional Photographer Makes Good Sense

As a new parent, you must undoubtedly be anxious to document each and every moment of your newborns life. Every movement, wink, and wiggle of the baby must feel like a treasure trove to the parents. After all, your child’s babyhood is one of the most fleeting periods of his life, lasting but for a few months. It is only natural to want to document every minute detail of this period so that you can cherish it for eternity. Baby photography, consequently, is one of the most popular fields of photography, both among amateurs and professionals.

All parents look forward to taking hundreds upon hundreds of photographs of their baby in a myriad variety of poses. The curl of the fingers, the tiny toes, the clenched fists – these all seem magical to any parent. Photographing your baby can be a tremendously rewarding and enriching experience, one that will not only give you endless memories, but also bring you closer to the baby.

Babies grow at a phenomenally fast pace during the first couple of years. One month they are tiny, little helpless bundles of joy, and the next month, they are tearing about the house. Parents would obviously want to document these changes and keep them as memories and as pictorial records for years to come. A picture taken on the first day of each month can serve as great record of the baby’s growth. You can either do this yourself, or hire a professional baby photographer to do it.

While most parents will invariably take hundreds of photographs of the baby, a professional baby photographer can bring a unique, artistic perspective to the photographs and give you memories that will last forever and be passed down from generation to generation. Babies are difficult subjects to capture in the camera lens, requiring just the right lighting, exposure and environment to get the best possible shots. Moreover, many parents want their baby’s photos in certain poses and settings, something that an amateur photographer just can’t do justice to. No wonder more and more parents are opting for a professional photographer when it comes to photographing their baby.

The bond between each family and the baby is unique. It is quite difficult to capture this intimacy in photos unless you have plenty of experience and training. An ordinary photograph taken by an amateur photographer cannot really capture this unique bond. A professional, on the other hand, can capture just the right moments and translate them into eternal memories.

Baby photography is a fun, rewarding experience that can give you memories to cherish for generations. Taking the help of a professional photographer is imperative if you want high quality pictures that bring out the uniqueness of you and your baby.